My Times are in Your Hands

But I will trust in You, O Lord; I say, you are my God. My times are in your hands. Psalm 31: 14 – 15

Don’t we all have those dates on the calendar that can bring so many memories and arouse so many emotions! Today, January 10th, was one of those days!

Our kids, Kelly and Scott, called this morning to wish me a “Happy Anniversary” and to tell me how grateful they are that I am doing so well. I was surprised  and really touched that they remembered, and it is definitely not one of those days anyone would normally get excited about or celebrate! Yet, it is one in which I will always be reminded of how much God has blessed me in so many wonderful ways, and of how grateful I am for the gift of life.

Two years ago on this day, I had open heart surgery to replace my aorta valve, and a year and half before, I had an unexpected, frightening experience that resulted in a life-saving pacemaker. These were difficult and painful experiences for me and for our family. My nature has always been to become overly anxious and fearful in difficult situations. I imagine all the different scenarios that can take place and what effect it will have on our lives, but during these experiences, I felt such an amazing peace and calmness, an unbelievable quietness in my soul. God opened my heart to Him in a way I never could have imagined.

During each, I knew without a doubt that there was a possibility that my life could end and I would die, but for some reason I couldn’t even understand myself, I had no fear. I knew that He was with me and I felt His strength. He gave me a glimpse into His deep love for me, the power of His presence, and the peace that only He can give. I felt secure, wrapped in His love, and I was able to let go of all the emotions and fear, and just completely rest and trust in Him. I can say with the most grateful heart, that it was through His presence, His all-consuming love, and His precious grace that I was able to do so, and what a wonderful place to be.

It’s not easy to talk about life changing experiences, and I don’t do it often enough. Yet, I see things so much clearer. My understanding is so much deeper. And when we experience His loving nature, see His hand in our lives, and feel His presence in such a personal way, how can we not share our stories? We need to give that message of hope to those who don’t begin to understand what our God can do.

I love the beautiful words in this verse: “I will trust in You, O Lord;  I say you are my God. My times are in your hands.” You are MY God. What comforting, reassuring words! He is our God, yours and mine. He longs to show Himself to each of us. If we will truly trust in Him and believe in His love for us, He will give us His strength and amazing grace to face whatever life may bring. Our times are in His hands. We can have the confidence of knowing that we can always trust in Him.


Dear God, thank you for always being faithful to us, for carrying us through some difficult times, and for always being there with your love, mercy, and grace. May we encourage each other in faith, find strength in your Word, and live always in your most loving presence. Amen 

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