A Happy Home

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. Psalm 127:1

Have you heard the expression that few things in life can give us as much pleasure – or pain – as family? We probably all agree with that one! We know there is no such thing as a perfect one, but God has some practical ideas for making it better!

I like this statement: “One of the primary principles of the family unit is that it involves a commitment ordained by God for the lifetime of its members.”  We may not like each other at times, but we’re stuck with each other. So we might as well make the best of it!

I love the imagery and symbolism of this verse, for one of the greatest gifts God gives us is family. He desires that we have strong, vibrant, healthy, and happy homes and loving relationships, but more importantly, He wants to be a vital part of our families from the ground up.

Psalm 127 was written by David to his son, Solomon, in which he offers godly advice about starting a family with God as the “builder” and “watchman” over his house. God can help build our families and our homes – not just in terms of a house or shelter, but in establishing a place where a family can learn and grow and love each other – a home where families can remain committed and know joy. Who knows more than God Himself about the foundations for a happy home, for He instituted the family unit Himself and is able to give us the necessary instructions and tools for what we need. His Word gives some of the the best marriage and child-rearing advice we can find. For what better place could we find the loving guidance and wisdom we need to encourage us and give us strength in challenging times!

God also wants to help protect our families from the outside world. The Lord watches over our homes just as a watchman looks over a city. He wants to guard it, keep it strong and safe and intact. As much as we don’t want to believe it’s possible with a loving God, we realize evil can enter our doors, and when it does, we can have the assurance of His presence with us.

God will help us provide for our families. When we look to Him, He will give us a way to find the necessary provisions, and He can guide us in what we truly need for a happy home – not just material things, but a healthy dose of loving attention, kindness and respect for each other, and a commitment to honor our relationships.

If children bless a home, they too need and deserve our love, time, respect, parental guidance, and discipline. They need to know that they are important to us, that we cherish who they are, and that we enjoy spending time with them. They need to know they are unique and much loved by God. May we always be reminded that they are one of life’s most precious gifts, and should never be seen as a burden or a hindrance.

And one of the best gifts we can give them and God in return, is to teach them values and set a godly example. Children need to grow and develop mentally, physically, socially, and especially spiritually. Good healthy families can fulfill all of these needs by giving our children stability, security, and serenity. If they grow up to feel valued and respected, they will become loving, caring, responsible adults, and as parents, we can have the contentment and peace of knowing their lives are secure.

The happiest homes are the ones where God is welcomed as a part of the family and His blessings upon them are acknowledged and appreciated. May our homes be happy ones – filled with love and His presence!  


Dear God, thank you for the gift of family. What a blessing to see and know families who love and respect each other and honor you. May we always keep you in our hearts and in our homes. We thank you for guarding our families and for keeping them in your loving care. Amen  

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