God’s Glory, Majesty, and Splendor

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. 1 Chronicles 29: 11

We are at one of our favorite places – the beach – and like always, I am overwhelmed by its beauty. I become more and more aware of God’s greatness, power, glory, majesty, and splendor with the passage of time. I am in total awe of His creations and His goodness to us. And nowhere is that more evident than in the beauty of the ocean.

Though the years, no matter my age or the location, as I looked across the vastness of the seas, there was nowhere else that I have ever felt the presence of God more completely or securely. What magnitude of beauty and splendor our God gives us!   His greatness is beyond our infinite power to understand His love and desire for us to enjoy this life we have been given.  And it humbles me to think of how often we take His creations for granted and fail to give Him the honor and glory He so deserves. Each time we see His goodness to us, we should praise Him and exalt His most holy name.

Yesterday was no exception for I saw the work of His hands. It was the most beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly and glistening on the water with the most glorious blue sky, and the temperatures warm in the 60’s to low 70’s – so nice after the snow and cold weather we had last week. There was a slight, cool breeze, and it felt good.

It was just the 2 of us, Bob and I, and it was quiet and peaceful. How blessed we are to have this time together. We talked about all the wonderful memories we have shared with our family here through the years and what a blessing it is to have grandsons to make new ones with. We wish they were here with us running around, kicking soccer and football, collecting shells, digging in the sand, and chasing the waves. We miss their conversations and all their smiles, giggles, and laughter. We love seeing the absolute joy on their faces as they watch the sun rise, the seagulls soar overhead, and the tides break on shore. They too look upon His work with such wonder and amazement.

God deserves our love, honor, and praise each and every day. Not just in this beautiful location but everywhere, in everything, and in everyone. For His power, glory, majesty and splendor are in each and every creation, including these little boys who are in awe of His world. If this earth contains such glory, how can we even begin to imagine what heaven will hold for us!

Yet, we are promised a splendor and majesty we can’t even imagine. Everything in heaven and earth has been created and sustained by His powerful hand, and Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom”. May we be grateful to be a child of His and a part of His earthly and eternal kingdom and always give Him much praise and glory.


Our most kind and gracious Father, thank you for the gifts of life and family, the beauty of your world, and for all the creations you have made for our enjoyment and pleasure. May we always be grateful for the opportunities to see and appreciate them. We are in awe of your greatness and delight in your goodness to us. We exalt your most gracious name. Amen

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