Show Respect to Everyone

Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king. 1 Peter 2: 17

We all want to be respected and appreciated. We desire and need to be valued, honored, and treated with dignity. When we respect someone, we show we care about how we make them feel and we want them to know of our deep regard for them. In showing such compassion to others, we are following God’s command to us. For in showing respect, we are offering His love and grace to others.

I once heard it referred to as “playing the Grace Card”. Isn’t that the most beautiful way to think of it – to treat someone in such a way who doesn’t deserve it, but we do it anyway? Some people may not be worthy of our honor or consideration, but by treating them with kindness and respect, we will see the amazing power that grace can have. The gift of  forgiveness, gentleness, loving care, and honor that God desires us to give each other can make a difference in any and all relationships. It can soothe the anger, calm the storm, and change the heart.

We live in such a hectic, self-absorbed, and preoccupied society. People have become so cynical and rude, and common courtesy is sometimes hard to find. There even seems that an irreverent tone of sarcasm and put down has become the attitude of the day! These attitudes show a genuine lack of respect and disregard for others.

Scripture teaches that we are to use the Golden Rule and treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated – with patience, understanding, kindness, and respect. And what a lesson we are showing others by doing so!

This verse also reminds us that if we find ourselves in disagreement with our fellow believers in Christ that we should respect each other’s opinions and continue to treat each other with the same love and kindness we always have. We are also told to respect those in positions of authority in our communities, nation, and world who are needed to bring about and keep order.

Could it be stated any more simply? As Christians, we are to “Show proper respect to everyone”, for in doing so we are honoring and pleasing Him. And no one deserves our respect, honor, and praise more than our gracious God!


Our most loving Father, may we always be mindful of sharing your grace and love to others by showing them proper respect. And when we don’t receive it ourselves, may we remember to follow your command to love others. Thank you for the many blessings of life and for your presence with us. Amen 

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