Our Inheritance

Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. Psalm 16: 5

Some food for thought on this day: What completely satisfies you and would make you 100% content with life if you had more of it? What would you say would be the key to your happiness?

The answers to these questions could be quite different depending on whom we are asking. Some would argue that it can only be found if they could reach the height of success in their careers; others would declare having enough life savings to make them feel secure, or to know their families’ security would be safe in the future. Some want fame and notoriety, or positions of authority or power; others would say it is only worldly possessions or wealth which can truly make one feel happy and content. Some might say it can only be found in loving relationships with  family and friends, and still others believe that true satisfaction can only come by giving to others to make their lives better and in serving mankind. Do any of these things truly fill our longings and the emptiness inside? Or do we need more?

In this verse, David claims satisfaction for the soul quite differently. He declares that everything in life pales in comparison to God Himself. He voices the joy he has experienced in his life because of his trust in God and His fellowship with Him. He compares his “portion”, or this valuable birthright of being called a child of God, to another inheritance – the land of Canaan, which was divided among the Israelites when they entered the Promised Land. This land was a tangible gift, one they could recognize was being given for their faithfulness, but yet it was also a symbolic gift in that God was promising to secure their futures. God made the same promise to David and to us for all eternity.

Like the gift to David and the Israelites, we too have been blessed with an inheritance beyond anything this life has to offer. It includes this beautiful creation God has given us, but it is so much more. Our gift lies in Jesus Christ to ensure not only our futures, but our present.

What confidence and joy we can have in His presence. He is our portion and our cup, supplying all our needs, and He is our inheritance in this life and in the life to come. As children of God, we will be given all the grace that Jesus Christ wished to bestow upon us. We never have to be worried that it will be taken from us, nor will we be banished from it. We belong to Him. We have no greater gift than for His presence to live within us and give us His mercy and strength. In Him we can experience the fullness of life, for He has so much goodness and love to give.

 “The lines have fallen for me” – David is voicing his ability to rest with an assurance and peace in God alone. He tells us that we can be content with God and find great delight in Him. But it is impossible to know and see God’s goodness without spending time with Him. We must seek Him, love Him, and delight in His inheritance to us. Only then can life truly be happy and fulfilling without the worries or cares of this world.

I am so grateful for the gift of faith that has been handed down to me by my parents, grandparents, and other ancestors before them. There is no greater gift than that of His love and grace. I am so proud that Bob and I have been able to pass this legacy on to our children, and that they, in turn, will pass it along to their children and future generations.

We pray yours will do the same. We have all been truly blessed by His loving “portion” and know that only He can completely satisfy our hearts and souls.


Our heavenly Father, what a beautiful inheritance you have given us. You are our portion, our cup, our lot in life and what greater gift could there be! And what more could we possibly want or need? May we embrace you, and delight in your love, grace, and goodness. In your most holy name. Amen

*If you are reading these Daily Devotions in 2015, you may want to scroll forward to April 13 – 20th and come back to April 2nd at a later date. These entries include Scripture passages about the Easter story. (In 2014, Easter Sunday was much later – on April 20th.)

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