Praise God’s Name in Song

I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. Psalm 69:30

How many times in our busy lives do we have time to just sit quietly and think about God’s goodness to us? Or even better, how often do we get to just bask in His love and presence as we listen to or sing songs of praise to our amazing God? If only we could do it more often!

As I write this devotional entry, we are enjoying some time relaxing at a quiet and peaceful park on a most beautiful day in Nashville! There is the nicest breeze and it feels great, especially to be here visiting with Scott and Emily! My heart could not be more grateful as I sit here and reflect on life’s many blessings.

We arrived on Thursday, and it was so gratifying to see those familiar faces we love. They have been so busy and we had not seen them since Christmas, so now that we are here, we have to soak up and enjoy every precious moment with them! And it’s always fun to be in “Music City”.  They both work in the country music industry so it’s really nice to get those opportunities to see and hear many talented musicians!

On Thursday night, we went to the Ryman Auditorium for a show with Larry Gatlin and Vince Gill, and we had the opportunity to be backstage and see more closely what goes on behind the scenes. Bob especially enjoyed it since Vince is one of his all time favorite musicians.

As Vince left the stage and came over to where we were, Bob told him how much he had enjoyed his performance, and Vince patted him on the shoulder and thanked him. What a humble and gracious gesture for someone who probably hears it every day!

Larry Gatlin was quite entertaining with all his amusing antics and jokes, but when he began to sing several old hymns, that old historical church was filled with silence and reverence as we listened. He began with “It is Well With My Soul” and then asked the audience for requests. He sang those old beloved songs, “How Great Thou Art” and “In the Garden”. 

I just sat there gazing out at the faces of about 2500 audience members as they were obviously so moved by the words, music, and the voices we heard in praise to our amazing God. Many sang along and I saw many wiping tears from their eyes, just as I did.

I felt such gratitude for these moments to praise Him and to lift His name up before us in the midst of all these people. For the most part, we were all strangers, but for that brief time, we were joined together in our love and praise to Him.

What a gift we so often take for granted – the gift of music and voices that can move our hearts to tears as we think of His love and grace.

This trip has already been such a blessing. Those moments won’t soon be forgotten. And as I write, I  think, too, about how grateful I am for the gift of family and loved ones and the special times we get to spend together. I can’t praise and thank God enough. God has blessed all of us in so many ways. May we always sing of His greatness and praise His most Holy name.


Our most gracious and loving God, thank you for the gift of life and for time with those we love. Thank you for talented voices to sing of your goodness, your power, and your glory. May we praise your name always. Amen

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