God Gives Us Food

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.“ Genesis 1:29 

This past weekend, I did something I haven’t done since I was a child! I helped to plant a garden! Cole, our little guy who is almost 5, decided months ago that he had the perfect spot for a vegetable garden, and he wanted to do chores to raise the money for all the supplies and seeds he would need. Kel and I knew it was going to be up to us to make it happen, and we watched May approach with a little apprehension. I think we both were hoping he might possibly forget or change his mind, but no way! And how could we not do it, when he had planned it for so long and it meant so much to him!

After spending much time on the phone with my brother, his Uncle Ralph, the garden expert, we got some great tips and he helped us make a list of what we would need. Kel and Cole proudly went shopping, and we were finally ready to plant! Cole was so excited and wanted to do most of the work himself, even the digging, raking, and shoveling of the potting soil. I was hot and stressed about doing it properly and making it look like one of those in a magazine, and Kel worked patiently with both of us! But we did it! And when it was done, I had to admit that it was really fun for the 3 of us to do together – with Granddad supervising. Now comes the wait – the anticipation of seeing those little “shoots” of plants as they rise above the ground and of hearing each day’s report as Cole checks on their growth, waters them, and eagerly waits for the veggies to be big enough to pick! (I pray they come!)

As Cole carefully placed those tiny seeds in the ground, I just thought of how in awe of our Creator I am – once again! It made me realize how much we take for granted, and how miraculous it is that we can plant seeds knowing they will germinate and sprout, the vines will grow, blossoms will form, and then tiny vegetables will burst forth and grow into larger ones we can enjoy! He gives the provisions for growth – the soil with the necessary nutrients, abundant rains, and warm sunlight for the plants, not only for us, but for the animals we depend upon. He planned the growing seasons and a wide variety of foods to not only fill our needs, but to bring us pleasure. He planned fruit trees that would provide for generations to come. How amazing is His love and care!

What an abundance of good food He gives– wholesome, healthy fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies. Our God orchestrated the plan for mankind to have all we would need with the necessary nutrients necessary for life and growth. How could anyone doubt our loving God? No randomness in nature could provide such providential care! Once in a lifetime would be miraculous enough, but to think that it happens regularly, year after year, providing what we need to sustain life, should give us pause to be grateful. What an incredibly complex and efficient world He designed and created. In Genesis 8:22, we see that one of God’s loving promises to us was that “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”  What wisdom and power He has and what goodness He gives.

I can just picture Kelly and Scott many years ago, when each was a small child, walking through the rows of my mom’s garden, dragging a small bucket behind them as they made their way through the vines. They loved picking the vegetables and filling theirs up to the top! How time comes full circle. How she would smile knowing that I am trying to give Miles and Cole the joy of doing the same. I can just imagine the pride these little boys will have when they pick their own! How grateful I am that they understand that God gives us these blessings of life. How grateful we can all be that God cares for us in such a loving way. May we give Him praise for all He provides!


Dear God, how often we fail to recognize and appreciate all the ways you lovingly provide for us. Thank you for the sunlight and rains to make our plants grow and for giving us the food we need to sustain our bodies. Thank you for the blessings of life and may we remember to share them with others. Amen  

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