Send Forth Your Light

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. Psalm 43: 3

I am still attending a weekly art class and am really enjoying it, but I never realized there would be so much to learn! I’m not enthralled with my talent and I don’t think anyone else is very impressed with it either, but that’s ok! I’m learning that it takes patience, some basic instruction, practice, and a desire to express myself in whatever way I like. It doesn’t have to appeal to anyone else but me! I especially like “pushing” myself a bit beyond my comfort zone to see what I can do, and it’s “kinda” nice to try to learn something new at my age! Yet, there are so many principles and techniques that I can’t begin to fully grasp!

The one that I am having the most difficulty with at this point is pinpointing the light source and from which direction it’s coming. I have learned that this is important for your painting to look realistic, and that it is considered one of the most important aspects of art.

If the source is the sun, it’s important to decide before you begin, what the time of day will be and where the sun’s rays will be in relation to the objects on your painting and where shadows will be cast. It’s eye opening to look at something in a totally different light!

Now I find myself looking at trees with new eyes and seeing where the sunlight hits at certain times during the day. It is so amazing to see the light streaming through the leaves, and see the different shades of green. And I had never really noticed the blue sky and light that peers through so many openings in a tree.

One of our teachers reminded us to include them by telling us to think of it as God providing the light and way for the birds to pass through. What a visual image that brings to mind! There is so much I am seeing for the first time! How much of nature we don’t even see and how much beauty we miss!

As I examine more closely and try to learn about this aspect of light on a canvas, I can’t help but think of God’s light and how it comes through to us with such hope and assurance. And I think with sadness at how many never see it, never look for it, or never try to understand it.

In this verse in Psalm 43, I love how David desires, expects, and asks God to continue to “Send forth your light and your truth.”

He has the assurance that God knows of His life and that He will keep His promises. He wants to be guided by His wisdom and truth, His counsel and direction. He understands that He needs to look to God’s light for this journey through life and the uncertainties that lie ahead. He has the genuine desire to be brought into His presence, to be brought near to Him, to the place where He dwells. He recognizes and appreciates the confidence he can have in His love, strength, and comfort every day, but especially during the difficult and painful circumstances of life.

Light is a symbol of hope. It gives life, it inspires, it guides, and it reveals truth. We need the light of the sun, but God’s light is just as significant and essential. We need His boundless love as we let it “stream” through our lives to others. We need Him to shed His light on His Word for us and to help us break through the darkness of this world.

May we see Him with new eyes – in the small, simple, and magnificent ways that He shows Himself to us each and every day. May we marvel at His goodness to us and be grateful for His presence.


Our most loving Father, “send forth your light and your truth” to us. We thank you for the gift of life, for all our many blessings, for your love, your grace, and for the everlasting hope that only you can give. Amen 

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