God Wants Our Best

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. Ecclesiastes 9:10

The last 6 days have been busy ones – quite different from our normal routine of getting up “a little later” and moving slowly before starting our day! Our little guys, Miles and Cole, have been visiting, but now they’re gone, and our house is much too quiet. I must admit that it’s really in disarray, there is much laundry to do, much has been left undone, and we both are exhausted. We went the “extra mile” to play, entertain, and make sure they had fun, and I can’t remember fixing so many meals in one day, baking so many goodies, and cleaning up so many dishes! There is definitely not a dull or quiet moment when they are around!

But it was a joy, a gift, and their presence remains – with many smiles and reminders of their sweet spirits! It’s always nice to have them one at a time and to be able to give them all our attention. They had planned the visits very carefully and wanted to make sure they were carried out in the most fair manner – with each one having the same amount of time – 2 nights and 3 days to be exact – almost to the hour.

Each day began early – anywhere from 5:40 to 6:00 am and they were ready for pancakes and muffins as soon as their feet hit the floor! And when I say they began early, they began with much enthusiasm, laughter, and conversation. For a couple of old folks who aren’t exactly charming in the morning and usually don’t speak much the first hour or two, it was a change.

But we didn’t complain. In fact, they seemed to “rub off” on us and we began each day with a smile and a fresh, new attitude! It was such a joy to wake up to those happy, excited voices! They were always so eager to get the day started and to see what it would bring! With what anticipation they face each one and how they take advantage of each hour of the day!

If only we adults could have their enthusiasm for life, their insight and wisdom. How much joy and contentment we miss by not embracing each and every day and looking for all the goodness it can bring. Do you ever wonder if we are truly taking advantage of each one, looking for its blessings and for the blessing we can be to others?

How like wise Solomon, who is believed to be the author of Ecclesiastes, to just “lay it out there” and say it like it is. In essence, in this verse, he is saying, “If you are alive, you have the opportunity to do something special with your life each and every day. After you are gone, your chances are over.”

Every day should be seen as a blessing from God. Even Scripture tells us that we have no guarantees for tomorrow. All we have is this moment, this time. If we could only remember to make a conscious effort to give it our all and not miss out on the possibilities that lay before us. If we could just have the enthusiasm of a child, life could and would be so much sweeter.

So many of us look to the past and others only long for the future. Too often we miss the moment that is now. We go through the motions of living and just muddle through – getting through the day, checking off the list, and living a monotonous existence without feeling any real joy or accomplishment. We deserve better. God wants better for us.

He wants to give us time filled with His best. We are his wonderful creation and He sees wonderful possibilities for us in each day. Each one is a new opportunity for sharing love, kindness, and joy with each other. May we embrace each one, and whatever we do, do it with all our heart and with all our being, but especially may we do it with enthusiasm and gratitude. For today is a gift filled with His goodness and grace!


Dear God, how often we take each day for granted and just go through the motions of living. Help us to see all the possibilities you lay before us and to take advantage of each one. Help us to smile, to feel joy, to offer love and kindness to others, and to always remember to give you the honor and praise for the blessings of life. Amen

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