A Happy Heart

 A happy heart makes the face cheerful. Proverbs 15:13

Happy Birthday to our little guy, Cole! Today he is 5! In fact, last night, he wanted us to to go with him and his family to his favorite restaurant to celebrate the last day he will ever be 4!

Honestly, this child can find something to celebrate every single day! He is always so happy and content and lives with the expectation that each and every day is going to bring new adventures! And for him, it does! Even as he grows and changes, we can’t imagine his spirit being any differently. Being happy seems to define who he is and just being around him makes the rest of us happy too!

Don’t we all long for that contented state of being? How many times do we hear someone say, “I’m just not happy“, or “All I ever wanted was to be happy, and I have finally realized that I never will be”. It saddens us to hear those words, and we so much want more for these individuals.

It’s almost as if we think everyone should be entitled to be happy in this life, and when they aren’t, we understand why they might become bitter. We search for “this thing” relentlessly for ourselves and for those we care about. We tend to think our happiness depends on our circumstances, and if we can change them and make them better, then we think happiness will come. Sadly, some wait years or even a lifetime for it to come their way, and it never does. What time, energy, and money we waste on pursuing this dream.

But have you ever noticed that when we are trying the hardest to feel fulfilled, to find happiness and contentment, it’s rare that we ever do? It’s not something we can obtain by finding it like a pot of gold. We have to look within ourselves.

The fact is that nothing or no one can make us truly happy if we aren’t happy deep down in our own souls. If we haven’t found some meaning and purpose in life to give us reason to wake up each day, we probably won’t find it anywhere else. We need to feel value and worth within ourselves by loving others and being committed to something beyond our own pleasure and happiness. Only God can truly fill that need with His presence in our lives. Happiness may sometimes depend on our circumstances, but joy depends on our relationship with Him. What peace and contentment a life with Him can bring.

What blessings He gives! I am so grateful for the times with family to celebrate special occasions such as Cole’s birthday! God wants our hearts to be happy, our faces to hold smiles, and for us to feel much joy and cheer. But how often we become disappointed with the moments in life that don’t go our way instead of focusing on the blessings we have before us.

May we choose to be happy on this day. May we embrace the beauty and goodness around us even in the midst of the turmoil and anxiety of life, and let happiness fill our hearts. May we look to our amazing God and let Him fill us with His love and grace.


Dear God, thank you for the special moments in life with all the joy they hold. May we find meaning and purpose in you instead of the things around us and let you fill our hearts with contentment and peace. May we remember to appreciate today and all the blessings it brings. Amen

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