Angels Among Us

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1: 14

Angel sightings seem to be coming with even more frequency. We’ve all heard, read about, and seen them on the big screen – stories about these amazing individuals who have shown up at just the right moment with incredible strength and compassion! Or perhaps you have experienced your own encounter with one of these divine messengers from God!

People from all over the world have reported encounters with these mysterious beings who appear, bringing much needed assistance or who deliver important messages. Skeptics say there are plausible explanations for them, or they are simply just the figment of our imagination, but for those who have experienced their presence, there is no doubt that these extraordinary beings are very real.

I just read another news article about a young woman who had a car accident on an isolated country road and a mysterious person showed up to help, called 911, and then vanished into thin air when the ambulance arrived. She has sent out a request for the person who did so to come forward so she can thank him for saving her life, or she is asking for any information that someone might have about him. Yet, she made it very clear that she really doesn’t expect to hear from anyone, for she truly believes that an angel was sent to rescue her.

We love and are so intrigued by these stories of “angels” who have mysteriously appeared and disappeared after performing unbelievable feats when no one else was around, or when no one was able to help in the way that was needed. There have even been stories of missionaries or soldiers fearing for their lives in foreign countries who were later told of “guards“ or “armies of men” who were seen surrounding their locations to keep them safe, and then to be told later that there was no evidence of such a force. Could these mysterious persons really be angels, possibly our guardian angels, sent from God Himself to minister to our needs until He is ready to call us home?

What a comforting thought to think that our God would love us so much that He would want to send these “ministering spirits” to walk with us and help us in times of our greatest need. But according to Scripture, they seem to be more than just a thought to reassure us.

There is much biblical evidence for these divine beings with nearly 300 references  in the Old and New Testaments about them. In these passages, we are told that these angels have the ability to change their appearance and to travel instantly back and forth between heaven above and earth below. Always ready and available to help, there may be millions of them among us just waiting for the message from God to do so.

Many even believe that there is evidence to show that we each have our own guardian angel who is sent to minister to our needs, to protect us, to keep us from harm, and even to lovingly escort us from death to our eternal home in heaven. How like our God to send His angels to live among us and keep us in His care.


Our heavenly Father, we thank you for sending your “ministering spirits” to lovingly care for us, to protect us, and to keep us in your will. We give you all honor, praise, and glory for your goodness to us. Amen

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