Trust in His Love

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. Romans 8: 28

Don’t you just love a good movie where the story ends with everyone living happily ever after? You know the ones which the guys call “chick flicks” because they make us “girls” cry and smile all at the same time! We all have our favorites, can probably recall every part of its plot, and can even recite a few of its lines! If only life could turn out so well!

The amazing thing is that in God’s eyes, it does! This verse is one of the greatest promises in all of Scripture and one that we could read over and over again and still not fully comprehend its meaning: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” 

In our earthly perspective, this truth seems impossible to understand. We see so much pain and despair not only in our own lives, but in all those around us. Life often ends in tragic ways and we see much suffering and grief. Evil occupies our world, natural disasters occur, and our lives are filled with much anxiety and uncertainty. We often question how so many of our life experiences could ever be for our good.

But, there have been times, I am sure, in all our lives that we have seen this to be true. We can look back over time and see that things did work for good – things we even saw initially as disappointments and set-backs that worked out to be great blessings. We may also recognize that the painful things in our lives have made us stronger and our faith deeper as we have depended on Him to carry us through.

Yet, we all have gone through circumstances where we have come out on the other side and could find nothing redeeming about the experience. We still felt the pain long after it was over, and is some cases, we knew we would for the rest of our lives. We didn’t understand why something so painful had to happen and we may have even questioned His love for us. 

There is so much we can’t understand about the ways of God, but we can know that there is power in His love and wisdom. He can do things through us that we could never do on our own. And we have His promise that He will take our circumstances, the painful things in our lives, and use them in some way for our ultimate good. We have His assurance that it may not be in the way we desire, or in our timing, but through His grace He will bring about His purpose and will for our lives.

God has assured us that if we will trust in His love for us and walk by faith, He will give us life beyond anything we could ever imagine – life eternal with those we love and with Him, our Heavenly Father.


Dear God, life can often be so painful and uncertain. May we look to you with faith and hope of what lies ahead. Amen

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