They Will Wither Away

Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong, for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants, they will soon die away. Psalm 37: 1 -2

September marks the beginning of fall and I do love this season! As I walked the last couple of days, there already seemed to be the mark of change in the air. The sun was warm, there was the slightest cool breeze, and the air just felt differently. There were signs of summer coming to an end, with the flowers starting to lose their color and the trees and grass, while hinting at the brown to come, were turning a duller shade of green. A new season is arriving, bringing in change – around us in nature and in our minds and hearts, as God continues to work in our lives.

As I walked, I thought about some of the people we know, or have heard about, who are going through hardships. These are good people who are struggling to find jobs, to keep their homes, to raise their families, to be productive, and to feel valued. We can’t help but wonder why these things happen to such good people. But as much as they are hurting, they are looking to God and trusting in His grace to carry them through.

It is not a new or strange thing for us to think about, for David, himself, asked many questions along these same lines in the psalms he wrote. When we look around us and see people becoming powerful, prosperous, successful, and happy who have seemed to do such evil things and who don’t seem to know Christ at all, we can’t help but wonder and “fret” about why God would allow this to happen to those who seem so underserving. Some might even go so far as to envy the life they have.

Yet, envy them, we should not, for Scripture records that these accomplishments and feelings will be short-lived, and these individuals “will wither and die away, just as the flowers and greenery do” in fall. They may seem to have prosperity and happiness, but in truth, their lives are filled with emptiness and things of little significance.

Sadly, they have no concept of “having wealth” in terms of knowing the presence of a loving God and the assurance, peace, and comfort He can provide. Their wealth or status has no meaning beyond this life, and they have no hope of eternal life to come – unless they turn their hearts to Him.

Envy them, I don’t, but I do feel sadness for them. What blessings of life they are missing without a loving relationship with our God. And as for the why question, we may never fully understand on this earth. But we know that our God is the Justice Maker and He will bring judgment on those who are undeserving of His love and grace, and He will bless those who follow His truths.


Dear God, there is so much about life and faith in you that we don’t understand, but we ask that you be with those who are hurting and struggling with the cares of this world. Provide them with your comfort and peace and give them hope for the future. We pray for those who don’t know you, dear Lord, and ask that their eyes and hearts will be opened to you. Amen.

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