All Things Come From Him

Oh, the depths of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracking out . . . For from him and through him and to him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Romans 11: 33, 36

This past weekend, Kel, Miles, Cole, and I flew to Nashville and spent a great weekend with Scott and Emily for Scott’s birthday. Flying is not something I do very often, nor do I particularly enjoy it. It’s more of a hassle than a fear of flying. In fact, I am always in total awe that a plane weighing thousands of pounds can lift off, stay in the air, and land with hundreds of passengers on board!

Miles gave me the full, scientific explanation about the thrust of the engines and the force behind the plane to lift it off, keep it in the air, and land with ease, but we still agreed that it was pretty amazing how it works. We also talked about many of the other mysteries around us as we took turns naming them, such as the rise and fall of the ocean waves, how the sun, moon, and stars appear as they do, the swiftness with which emails and messages can be sent around the world, the electricity that powers our homes, the way our bodies work in all its intricate detail, how bridges are built over deep waterways, and how we have just the right amount of oxygen to breathe. We talked about how God created this amazing world and He has given us much knowledge to understand, but we realize we will never truly understand it all!

Such a realization can bring much humility as we begin to grasp how little we do know and how little we can accomplish on our own. The infinite wisdom, knowledge, power, and glory of God is simply unfathomable. How much we try to take credit for so many accomplishments on this earth, but this verse reminds us that the source and the means for all things come from God. How much we try to limit His power and wisdom to our own understanding and fail to acknowledge His greatness.

Life is simply a mystery in itself. We don’t understand God’s wisdom and how and why certain things occur. But we know we can trust Him, and believe in His promises to us. We may not be able to even begin to understand what He is doing in our lives at this very moment, but we can trust that He is our sovereign God and He has a plan for us. May we never take His goodness for granted and always give Him the glory for the mysteries of life and all they bring.


Our most gracious and loving God, so many times our prayers and our faith are limited by our own inability to believe in the miraculous things you can do. May we grasp the riches of your wisdom and knowledge, trust in your love for us, and give you honor and glory for all things. Amen 

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