You Are The Light

You are the light of the world. A light on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14

This morning when I went out to walk, the sky was completely overcast with gray clouds. Soon, I noticed it was getting lighter, and I looked up and saw the clouds literally parting and moving away right before my eyes. The most beautiful blue sky appeared with rays of sunlight shining through. Everything around me suddenly seemed different, and I smiled, thinking of how the light made all the difference in the world!

Light is beautiful and mysterious. It promotes growth and life. It warms and comforts, and it shows us the way. Is it any wonder that Jesus Christ is often referred to as “the Light of the World” as He radiates the glory of God into the darkness of our world?

As followers of Christ, we, too, have become His light. He has called us to live in such a way that others can see His love and grace in us. He wants us to show others what a life with Him can be – one filled with love, compassion, peace, and hope.

As I walked, I was reminded of an incident that occurred a couple of years ago when I had to visit the emergency room with a virus shortly after having open heart surgery. I remembered the conversation I had with the attending physician that night, and it seems just as amazing today as it did then.

This young doctor came into the room, checked me out, asked me questions, told me I would be staying for a few days, and then just paused and stood beside my bed. I was not expecting his next question. He asked, “You are a Christian, aren’t you?” It was obvious that he was of Middle Eastern descent, his accent was heavy, and I looked at Bob as if to say, “Did I hear him correctly?”, but I replied simply, “Yes. I am.” 

He responded, “I could tell. You have that light, that glow. You both do. Most Christians do, as I have recently begun to notice.”

I was emotional anyway from thinking I had another hospital stay, but this comment really filled my eyes with tears. I can’t even describe my feelings at that moment. I had said nothing or done nothing for him to have had any indication of my faith. I certainly didn’t deserve being told that I had “the glow of Christ”.  I have never felt so humbled, so undeserving, and so honored to be called a child of God. All I could do was say, “Thank you. I have never had a greater compliment.” 

Then we passed beyond being merely patient and doctor. We were believers talking about our faith. He told us briefly about how he had recently become a Christian himself. He explained that he and his wife had been born into the Muslim faith, and after being in our country for a few years, they were so grateful to have found Christ. He talked about what a difference it had made in their lives and what joy they had found in His love and saving grace. We talked a bit longer about our love for God and His Word, and the gift of eternal life. Then before he left, he gently placed his hand on mine and promised to pray for me.

What a conversation. What a gift. And what a realization to come to – that you, me, all of us, shine with God’s light without even knowing it, without even trying to express our faith, or showing our good deeds, or pointing others to Christ. How uncomfortable we sometimes feel trying to do just those things. And then to know, to be told, that others may see that light emanating from us. We never know what an impact our lives can have on others. I would like to think that God used me that night to encourage that young believer in his faith. Or perhaps He used him to encourage me.

We are the “light on a hill that can’t be hidden.” We have that glow that Christ lives in us. We have the light to show the world His love and His saving grace. May we use it for His glory always!


Dear Lord, our God of Light, we thank you for the gift of life and for the gift of your presence, love, and grace. We humbly pray that others will see your light in us and come to know you for the eternal, loving God you are. Amen

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