When Our Spirits Need Refreshing

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. Jeremiah 31: 25

Do you ever have mornings when you feel as if you just can’t get going? I had one of those today! I felt a little “out of sorts” for some reason, and later when I did go walking, it was more of an effort than it is on most days. But it was the most beautiful fall day, and I thought, “How could anyone not enjoy such a glorious day and I was determined that I would too!

As I walked, I kept thinking of the devotion I wanted to write for today. I didn’t have a verse or topic in mind, but I decided it needed to be something upbeat, uplifting, and positive – definitely something worthy of this beautiful day.

But then I received a phone call from a friend who shared some devastating and sad news about some other friends of ours. We talked for the longest time, shared many thoughts and memories, and even shed a few tears together. I got off the phone and felt absolutely drained. I realized that my body, my mind, and my spirit were just weary and tired, and I needed to spend some time with God in quiet rest and prayer. And I needed to pray for those who were so much on my heart.

These times come – for all of us – when we feel overwhelmed by our own circumstances, or by those of others we care about, and our souls become heavy and burdened. Life is just plain difficult sometimes, isn’t it? We want to question God, but we know from experience that this is life. God fills our lives with so many blessings and such joy, but sometimes uncertainty, fear, and pain come along with the goodness. He knows our sadness and how our hearts ache for those who are going through such times of despair and He hears our prayers for them.

These times will come – no matter how good life is, how much we have to be grateful for, or how much faith and trust we have in God. He understands how our bodies and spirits get weary and worn down from the cares of life, and He is always ready to lift us up with His love and grace. His promises are true and His love is comforting and reassuring.

I needed to be refreshed by His grace today, and although this post is not as upbeat as I had earlier hoped it would be, I hope it will remind you of the love and strength, we, and those we care about, can find in our merciful God when we rest in Him.


Dear God, thank you that you understand our weariness and despair. We are so grateful that you can calm our spirits and give us rest. You know the concerns on our hearts and we pray you will be a source of hope, comfort, and strength to those individuals and their families in the days to come. Amen

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