Let Us Remember

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds. Psalm 77: 11 – 12

Do you ever think back to your youth and remember how you thought your life would be? Do you remember all the hopes and dreams you had? It’s good to reflect back on our lives and see how they have unfolded from the beginning. And when we do, I think we would be pleasantly surprised to find out just how much God has been a part of them!

Many of us did just that a few years ago in a Bible Study called Believing God by Beth Moore. During one of the weekly sessions we were asked to write down answers to questions in a Faith Journal about different stages in our lives from birth until present. We answered questions about the people in our lives and the ways God worked through them to make us into who we are today. We did much soul searching and reflecting on ways that God has been present in our lives during each stage and what He was teaching us along the way. (One question I had never thought about and I wonder if you have: As you look back on your life from a Godstop perspective, do you believe that God placed you among your family members for your sake or for theirs or both? Explain. That makes us pause and think, doesn’t it?)

It was amazing to think about all the plans I had, how God often changed the course and directed my path, and how He exceeded all my expectations for my life. There were times of overwhelming joy, unexpected surprises I could never have imagined, much love, and many challenges that taught me important life lessons. There were difficult, sad, and painful times, as well, but in reflecting back, I can see how God revealed Himself to me in so many ways and how my faith grew. Through this journaling experience, I could see how life and those He has placed in it have been such a gift. But I came to realize even more, that the greatest and most unexpected gift of all has been Him and His presence with me.

As it unfolded before me, I realized what a story we all have. You have a story, as well, and hopefully in thinking back, your “God memories” will show you, just like it did me, just how much our loving God never took His eyes off of us. Even when we were unfaithful in our devotion to Him, He was always faithful to us. What strength and confidence He gave us to overcome the challenges in our paths, and what wonders He showed us.

God’s Word is filled with many wonderful stories about His love for us. We can read of His great promises of a Savior, the birth of His Son, His life on earth, and the many miracles He performed. We can find hope in the heartbreak of the cross, and joy in His resurrection and saving grace. In its pages are also amazing stories about men and women of faith who teach us about perseverance and trust in God.

As this verse reminds us, we should read Scripture and “meditate on all His works and consider all His mighty deeds”. But we should also remember our own stories and consider all the ways He has done great wonders in us, as well. And when we do, we will realize even more all the reasons we have to believe and trust in Him.

We have a story to tell and it might be worth sharing!


Dear Lord, we thank you for the blessing of Scripture and your Word to us. We also thank you for the wonders you have done in our own lives and for revealing your goodness and love to us. Thank you for keeping your eyes on us, even when we take ours off of you. Amen

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