Hidden Secrets

Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart. Psalm 51: 6

We’re at the beach for a few days, and I’m sitting by the ocean writing a devotion! I can’t think of a better place to get inspiration!

I am so enjoying the blessings of the beauty and sounds around me. Bob is playing golf – not that I don’t enjoy his company – but there’s something about being in front of this vast sea of waves, feeling the sun and gentle breeze on my face, with just my thoughts and a blank page waiting to be written.

A few minutes ago, a little girl around the age of 3 or 4, who has been playing nearby, ran over to me and whispered, “Do you want to hear a secret?”

I said, “I do! I love secrets!” 

Then she held out a big sea shell, put it next to my ear, and said, “You have to really listen! It’s the ocean telling you a secret! Do you hear it?”    

I did! And it was the most amazing secret as I was reminded of the greatness, the power, and the glory of our loving Creator. How sweet of this little girl to share it with me. Sharing our secrets with strangers is just not something we usually do!

I began thinking about secrets – how they can be such a wonderful thing on one hand, and then how others have the potential to be such a negative and painful thing. Some contain such wonderful news that we can’t wait to share, and then there are the little ones that we enjoy sharing with close friends. There are those that we only want to reveal to those closest to us whom we love and trust, knowing – or at least hoping – that they would never tell anyone else! And then, of course, regretfully, there are the really big secrets that we probably all have that are too painful and private to share with anyone, ones hidden deep in our hearts.

We keep secrets for many reasons. Perhaps we don’t want to hurt those we care about, earn their disapproval, or have them find out about our lies and deception. We may have done things that we are ashamed of, or at least, aren’t too proud of. We may have caused someone pain or embarrassment and we feel regret. And then there may be some secrets that have been buried in our hearts for years – even since we were children – ones that may have shaken our trust in those around us or changed who we would become. Such memories may have stolen our confidence and given us insecurities, fear, and anxiety. We may have even hidden some secrets from ourselves and would not even remember them at all unless we have gone searching deep into our hearts, or have asked God to help reveal them to us.

God knew that we would have such secrets, and even though many may be undesirable to Him, He wanted us to have a “cover” or protection for them – a place to keep them from being exposed so we wouldn’t have to endure the pain, humiliation, or judgment of others. Yet, our deepest secrets and deceptions aren’t hidden from Him. He sees inside our hearts, souls, and minds, and He sees our pain. Because He loves us, and values and desires a close relationship with us, He wants us to bring our secrets and our broken places to Him. He wants to take them and use them for our own benefit – to make us more than we ever thought we could be.

And amazingly, in the process, He gives us the “secret wisdom” of His healing, His love, and His grace. His Spirit within us will reveal deep truths about His love for us. We will realize even more what a sovereign, loving God we have who can bring us security, peace, and even joy in the midst of our darkness. He can permeate our souls and bring such freedom from the cares and burdens of this life. Our God has such a heart of concern for those of us He calls His own. He longs to take our despair and fill our hearts with His hope, love, and strength.

We can entrust our secrets with Him, and in turn, we’ll receive the most amazing secret of all – one that includes a deeper understanding of our amazing, loving God.


Our Heavenly Father, we know that you know our hearts and the things in our past that we need to let go. We ask that you take our most hidden secrets, heal our broken places, and fill them with your love and grace. Teach us the riches of your “secret wisdom” and fill us with your peace. Amen  

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