God Created Us With Love

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7

Is there anything sweeter than family coming home when you haven’t seen them in awhile? We are so excited that Kel and the boys are visiting with us for a long weekend while Drue is out of town. Miles and Cole are out of school for a couple of days, and we are so happy they chose to spend the time with us!  We have many things planned – including enjoying every minute of our time together!

When I think of how much I love my family, and how much I want to make them feel appreciated and loved, I can’t begin to imagine how much God loves each of us. Can you even fathom the tenderness and affection with which He must have breathed life into each of us? What plans He must have made in His heart for us.

If we could only believe how much He loved us then and how much He loves us now. He has shown us in numerous ways through the beauty of His creation, through the provisions He gives us each and every day, and through the rhythm and flow of life that gives us the assurance of His power and greatness. He has shown us through the people He has placed in our lives and through the joy we are able to experience. He has given us His wisdom and understanding to know His grace and His comfort and peace in times of difficulty and sadness. But there is no greater gift of love He could have given us than the one of His Son on the cross.

The apostle John reminds us in John 1 that we love because God created us with love, we came into the world with His love, and His love will always live in our hearts if we choose to accept it. He has taught us to love through His own pure, sacrificial, infinite, and unconditional love for us. We strive to love as He does, and His indwelling Spirit within us teaches us how to open our hearts to others. His Word instructs us on how we can be more kind, compassionate, and merciful to those around us. Even more, He empowers us to love in ways our selfish spirits could never do without His grace – to love even those who are the most difficult to love.

Through the life of Jesus and His teachings, we see the depth of the love we are to extend to others. He taught us that if we love, truly love one another, the world will see Him in us and know He is our loving Savior who can bring peace and hope to the world. For many, we are the only face of Christ they will ever see. May we be His shining light in a world of darkness.

God is pleased and glorified when we love and care for each other – encouraging, consoling, and ministering to each other’s needs. For God is love and there is no greater love than His. May we never forget just how much He values and loves us!


Our gracious and loving Father, we thank you for your abiding love and mercy. Fill our hearts with a desire and grace to love others as you love us. Amen

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