Take the Risk!

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41: 13

Is there something in your life that you always felt you were supposed to do or accomplish, and you haven’t? Have you ever felt as if there was something God has laid on your heart to do, but you didn’t know if you could?  Do you ever wonder what is holding you back?

For many of us, a fear of failure, more than anything, keeps us from doing the things we would like to do. Did you know that in most surveys about what people fear the most, fear of failure usually ranks in the top 5, and in some, it ranks as number 1 – even above fear of death and fear of the unknown?’

In looking back, I can think of times when my own fear of failure was totally irrational, and you may have some of your own. How many opportunities we may have missed because we were uncertain of our ability to carry them through. And even if we had the courage to try, we may not have put our whole heart and soul into trying to succeed, because we had already convinced ourselves that there was no way we could. What blessings we may have missed!

God has a purpose in mind for all of us. He wants our lives to have meaning and joy. How tragic it would be if we came to the point where we realized it was too late to try to do those things we felt we were meant to do. Can you imagine the regret we would feel if it was only out of fear that we didn’t at least try?

We need to remember God’s promise that if He calls us to do something, there is a purpose, and He will carry us through. We will feel His strength and assurance as He “takes hold of our hands” and gently walks forward with us. We need to place our trust in Him and believe that we can.

“Do not fear. I will help you.”  How much we fail to trust Him at His Word. God wants us to experience life, to always be our best and achieve more than we ever thought possible. He wants us to trust Him and to have confidence in who He made us to be and in what He can do for us. He wants us to take the risk, depend on Him, and give it our all!


Our heavenly Father, how many times we don’t believe in ourselves, and even more, we don’t believe in you. Help us to not fear, but to walk boldly forward with you. Amen

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