A Grateful Heart Begins With Praise to Our God

You are my God, and I will give you thanks; you are my God, and I will exalt you. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 118: 28 – 29

May this be a time of gratitude and praise for our loving God as we lift our hearts to Him. On this 1st day of November . . . We give thanks for a God we can each call our own and whose love and goodness is everlasting.

Would you describe yourself as having a grateful heart? Do you think about God and His blessings to us frequently? We often think about the things we are grateful for in our lives, such as our families, friends, food, good health, our homes, jobs, and our safety, but do we take time to truly be grateful to God for who He is and what He brings to our lives?

Thanksgiving Day will arrive soon when we take a pause from our busy lives to reflect on our blessings, but we know that our thankfulness goes beyond a single day. True gratitude should be a continuous condition of the heart – an expression of love and wonder for our God who gives us more than we could ever deserve. As a reminder to have and keep such a spirit, let’s devote this month to filling our hearts with praise for Him each and every day.

Having a grateful heart isn’t just something that God commands and desires of us, it is a gift He longs to give us. He knew the pain we are capable of feeling and that if we could focus on our blessings instead of our problems, it would help us deal with the cares of life.

In fact, there have been many research studies that show being thankful actually improves our physical and emotional health. It gives us a more positive attitude about life and keeps us content and happier. Holding on to feelings of thankfulness can even boost our immune system and increase our energy levels. And as we rest in His love for us, it strengthens our relationship with others, and it strengthens our faith in Him. But most of all, it honors and pleases God as we recognize His greatness and give Him the praise He so deserves.

Because of His great love for us, He wants us to live a life filled with hope and joy. He gave us hearts that can be filled with love and gratitude and that leave little space for resentment, anger, hatred, and grief. How thankful we can be for grateful hearts that long to praise and exalt our loving God.

He is “my God” and He is yours. How in awe we are of His greatness, His power, and His glory.


Our God, so worthy of praise, we thank you for loving us, caring for us, providing for our needs, and letting us rest in your presence. May our hearts be daily filled with gratitude and love for you. Amen

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