The Gift of Peace

I will listen to what God the Lord will say; he promises peace to his people, his saints.  Psalms 85: 8 

May this be a time of gratitude and praise on this 3rd day of November as we give thanks to God for giving us the calming assurance of His peace.

Life can sometimes seem much too busy, too hectic, and simply overwhelming, can’t it? Our minds are always spinning and trying to work through all the problems and concerns we have – on top of everything else that we need to do. It seems as if our minds never get a rest and we can’t just stop and enjoy times of quiet peace. How can we get that inner peace, that calming assurance in our souls that all is well?

Can you remember those times when you’ve experienced such peace? What were you doing, and what things do you now do to help calm your spirit when you are most stressed, anxious, or worried?

Some find it in long walks, music, meditation, or reading. Others find it in watching movies, knitting, sewing, painting, playing golf, watching ball games, shopping, or spending time with family or friends. We all need those things that brings us joy and take our  minds off of whatever problems and concerns we may have. We need relief from work, stress, worry. We need times of rest from the cares of this world, time to relax our bodies, and refresh our minds. We all need times of quiet peace. But sadly, most of our times of rest are most likely short-lived as we move from one challenge, one problem, and one anxious concern to another. No matter what we do, we can’t seem to get away from the inner turmoil in our hearts.

But Scripture tells us that God has a much better answer for the anxious souls of His saints. We may not consider ourselves to be saints, but if we have faith in Him, we are graciously given that title. This verse is a reminder that God wants us to go quietly before His presence and just listen to Him – to wait for His still, quiet voice to calm our anxious spirits and to let us know that He is with us. We can have the assurance that He knows, He sees, and He cares what we are going through. And if we rest in His love and grace, our spirits will be soothed with His peace.

The peace He gives is more than a temporary absence from worry. He can fill our hearts with a calm assurance and joy that no matter what comes our way in the future, it will rest with Him. We can trust that He will always give His best to us.

God desires that we know His transforming power of peace. He wants it to fill our hearts and souls so deeply that it will flow from us into others. It is a peace no one but He can give. It is the priceless gift of His grace.


Dear God, we thank you for the calm assurance of your peace and presence in our lives. May we rest in you and know that all is well. Amen

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