You Gave Me Life

You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence, watched over my spirit. Job 10: 12

Today on the 5th day of November, we give thanks to God for the gift of life, for His kindness and mercy, and for His protection over us.

When something really good happens in your life, do you ever just smile and think to yourself, “I know that was God’s gift to me”?  

As we seek His presence and rest in His care, He desires to show us or give us the things that He knows will bring us the most joy. Sadly, sometimes, we don’t even notice or acknowledge that they came from Him, but we can be assured that He gave them out of His abiding love for us.

Last night as we arrived in Nashville to spend a few days with Scott and Emily, I recognized this gift. It was so good to see those faces we have missed, and even Minnie, their little chihuahua, was happy to see us! While we were talking and catching up on news, I quietly thanked God for giving us these special times with family and for His protection on our travel.

Life itself is such a blessing, and life with Him is even sweeter. Not only did He give us life when He created us, but He preserves it in the midst of all the dangers that come our way. He gives us blessings infinitely beyond what we even know or see.You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence, watched over my spirit.”  What beautiful words to describe His grace on us.

How much we take for granted – this gift of life, His favor upon us, His loving kindness and mercy, and His providential care. For it is only through Him that we live, move, and have our being. His grace is upon us daily, hourly, moment by moment, as He gives us air to breathe, nourishment for our bodies, and people in our lives to love who love us.  He gives us the beauty of our world and all the blessings of His love and grace.

Thank you, God, from a grateful heart for all the new discoveries that we can find each day of your favor and loving kindness to us.


Dear God, our Creator and Sustainer of life, how can we ever thank you enough for the gift of life, for your kindness and mercy to us, and for keeping us in your loving care? May we always give you praise from a grateful heart. Amen

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