He Always Knows

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer. 1 Peter 3:12

With the most grateful hearts, on this 10th day of November, we give thanks to God for keeping His eyes upon us and for always hearing our prayers.

Wouldn’t we all like to think that we have someone in our lives who watches over us, who really cares about us, who will celebrate the joys in our lives with us, who will offer us a shoulder to cry on in times of sorrow, and who will give us all the encouraging words we need?

Have you ever thought of that someone as being our most gracious and loving God? He knows and He cares. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He is aware of our heartache and pain, our frustrations and doubts, our disappointments and fears, and He knows the hopes and dreams that fill our hearts. His loving eyes are always upon us, and His ears are always attentive to our prayers. That gives me great comfort today as my heart aches for several loved ones who are going through sad and difficult times.

How grateful I am, that I, and all of us, can go boldly before His throne with confidence that He hears our concerns. We pray because we want to seek His presence, to feel His comfort and grace, and to offer Him our gratitude and praise. The more we go before Him, the more our minds, hearts, and our faith will become strengthened to face the cares of life with the assurance of His love and peace.  We know that He doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way and in the timing we would like, but we know He hears and He answers in the way that is best for us. And His way may be to change our hearts and give us the strength and faith to follow His will.

We’ve probably all heard the expression: “Much prayer, much power; a little prayer, a little power; no prayer, no power.”  In Him, there is power in His Word, in His promises, in His faithfulness, and in His love.  We may not deserve the title of “righteous”, but through faith in Him we are called so. We are His, He loves us, He cares about our lives, and He will always watch over us and hear our prayers.


Our most gracious and loving God, thank you for your mercy and grace to watch over us and to be attentive to our prayers. Help us to come to you worthy of your love, and may your power always be able to flow through us and give us the strength to fully trust in you. Amen

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