God, the Giver of All Gifts

If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit (to give to you) to those who ask Him?  Luke 11: 13

With all I have seen and heard, there are some happy boys and girls on these days after Christmas! I know our two little guys are! Santa was very good to them!

Isn’t that what we as loving parents do – if at all possible, we try to give our kids those things that will make them the happiest! It may not always be exactly what they asked for, but we hope it will be something they will appreciate.

I always think of how much Kelly wanted a trampoline when she was young, and her dad just couldn’t get over the fear of her getting hurt. For a few years we really had to get creative! I think she grew to understand that the reason she didn’t was simply out of his love and concern for her, and she accepted it. And I am sure she understands it even more now that she is a parent!

Scripture tells us that God loves us with an even greater love than any earthly parent ever could! It is a love so deep, so unconditional, so compassionate and tender that it is almost inconceivable for us to understand. But what comfort it brings to know that He is just as willing to give those of us He calls His children all that we could possibly need, just as we do our own. And in His wisdom, He knows when to give us what we truly desire and when to deny it for our own good.

This verse from Luke 11 comes from a passage in which Jesus has been praying and His disciples asked Him to teach them to pray as He did. Jesus gave them the Lord’s Prayer and assured them that in asking, they could always expect to receive. And so can we. Maybe not in the way we hoped, but in the way that is best. And when it isn’t what we had wanted, He will give us the strength and peace to trust in Him.

In this verse, it’s almost as if Jesus is saying to us, “I know you can’t understand the difference. Your heart as a parent is to give good gifts to your children, but our Father’s heart gives so much more. He knows each of us. He knows exactly what we need and He knows how to make all things work together for our good. He has the power to do all things and in His love for us, we can have the assurance that He will always give us His best for our lives.

God loves us with a perfect love. How much more He can give us than any earthly father ever could because of His perfect wisdom, perfect compassion, perfect mercy, grace, and understanding of our situations. He longs to give us His goodness in the way that will be perfect for our lives.

This is the love and generosity of God. When we ask, He will give us Himself. For when He sent His Son to earth, He sent His Spirit to live in us. And through His Spirit, we are given His guidance, His love and comfort, His joy and His peace. What loving gifts from the Giver of all Gifts!


Dear God, as we reflect on the Christmas season and the gifts of your love and grace, may we be mindful of your presence with us always and of the many blessings of life you give us. Thank you for hearing our prayers and giving us what is best for us. And if it isn’t what we had asked and our hearts are disappointed, give us the strength and grace to trust in you. Amen

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